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Zelen Lanthieri

Quick Overview

Dry, wine of quality

Citruses, dry apple, herbs. Mineral, crispy and tasty.

Variety:100 % Zelen

Vineyard(s) location:

Stronger soil on the slopes of Vipava’s hills.
Colour:Yellow with greenish hues.

Odour:Of medium intensity, citruses on front. Followed by dry fruits and herbs, remembering us on odour of camomile blossoms and salvia.

Taste:Zelen is medium bodied wine, with vivid acidity and harmonious instead. Taste remain genuine and lasts longer. Nice minerality. 

Zelen is autochthonous white variety from Vipavska Dolina, grows especially on the slopes of the southern hills. Because it is very sensible on summer drought, farmers plant it on the lower sights, where more humidity and more fertile soil. Zelen ripens late, gaining lower sugar content. After picking, short cold maceration has been performed, in order to increase its aromatic potential. After gentle pressing and sedimentation, spontaneous fermentation and malolactic fermentation was allowed. Wine was maturating for 6 mounths on indigenous lees before bottling.

Wine suitable for:: Gift | Success celebration | Food | Wedding

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