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SIVI PINOT Lanthieri

Quick Overview

Dry, wine of quality

Rich and mouthful. Matured wine of distinctive varietal character.

Variety:100 % Pinot Gris


Vipavska dolina.
Lower parts of the valley.

Colour:Golden yellow with copper tints.

Odor:Rich and complex. Reminding on citruses, ripen white fruits. Clear notes of red orange, nectarine, almond blossoms.

Taste:Medium bodied, full on mid-palate. With rich sensation and long-lasting aroma. Well balanced.

In wine region of ‘Vipavska dolina’, harvest starts with Pinot Gris variety. Dry and warm August makes good conditions to reach full maturity and high sugar content. In order to maintain aromatic potential and fruit character of future wine, our viticulturists plant their vines of Pinot Gris to lower layers of the valley, where temperatures are colder during the night and water reserve is higher.
Grape was manually harvested; stems separation was followed and a short skin contact. After gentle pressing, fermentation spontaneously occurred, partially in wooden barrels and partially in stainless steel vessels. Wine was maturating on authentic yeast composite for a year.

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