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Malvazija Lanthieri

Quick Overview

Dry, wine of quality

Floral, fruity, herbaceous. Typical and elegant.

Variety:100 % Malvazija


Vipavska dolina.
Lower slopes on the upper part of the valley.

Colour:Golden yellow with greenish tones.

Odor:Composed and rich, reminding of Acacia and Passion Fruit blossoms, green almond, floral honey.

Taste:Medium bodied, mineral and smooth, juicy. Pleasant and aromatic on back palate. Long.

Malvazija is a Mediterranean variety, having a long breeding heritage and became domesticated in Vipavska dolina. Matija Vertovec (Podnanos, 1844) has written its description and benefits of its breeding in first Slovenian agriculture book (Vinoreja - Winemaking).
Malvazija is a distinctive aromatic variety, which favors shorter, cold maceration and proper maturation time. Special care should be taken during winemaking period on order to preserve its aromatic properties and to reveal pleasant and smooth taste.

Wine suitable for:: Gift | Success celebration | Food | Wedding

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