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Quick Overview

Dry, wine of quality.

Classical Chardonnay. Varietal, mature, creamy.

Variety:100 % Chardonnay


Vipavska dolina.
Lower slopes and plane sites of the valley.

Colour:Golden yellow.

Odor:Dried citruses, pineapple. Clearly notable caramel and roasted nuts notes.

Taste:Rich and mouthful, creamy textured. Revealing dried citrus aroma on the aftertaste. It is smooth and lingers for a long time.

Chardonnay maintains classic. It is a most popular and globally most represented variety, which has found its place in Vipavska dolina. Soil made of marl, soft and hot climate, constant wind and low yielding vines enables extraordinary conditions for a Chardonnay harvest in the beginning of September. Grape accumulates high sugar content and proper quality to make wines suitable for a longer maturation exclusively in wooden barrels.
Lanthieri Chardonnay is suitable to gentle taste dishes, which do not cover its sensitive and gentle taste.

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