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Degustations and tours

»Its taste summons up the freedom of the man who gives in to life,
summons up the love of a woman, breathing in tune with your heartbeat,
summons up the trust of a child, as it places a hand in grandfather's rugged one.«

This is an unique taste of life. A taste of wines from the Vipava 1894 cellar.

You, too, can embark on a sensual adventure, a tour of one of the largest and oldest wine cellars in Slovenia, the Vipava 1894 cellar, with a wine degustation. While walking among the wooden barrels, our expert will share with you the wonderful story of the creation of the wine cellar, and if you are lucky, even reveal some small secrets of the production of the finest quality wines of the Vipava 1894 cellar. The entire guided tour of the cellar with the degustation lasts for about an hour. After the completed tour, you also have a possibility to purchase select wines from the Vipava 1894 cellar and thus relieve the story of flavours of our wines at home, or pleasantly surprise your friends and acquaintances with a bottle of carefully chosen wine.

vinska klet 01

The degustation of our wines and a tour of the cellar are available Monday to Saturday between 8:00 and 18:00 hours with an advance notice or per agreement.
**For tours, the advance notice is required at least 10 days before visiting

Your desired time of visit for the tour and degustation can be arranged at:

Tel: 05 367 12 00


  • cellar tour and wine tasting are possible only for groups
  • the minimum number of people for tour and tasting is 8
  • cellar tour takes about 20 - 25 minutes, followed by a tasting of selected wines
  • cellar tour is conducted in Slovenian and English language
  • for tasting is intended 0.5 dl of wine per person for each sample of wine
  • we offer the possibility of tasting in the store for individuals
  • after finished tour visitors are invited to our wineshop
  • cellar tour and wine tasting price



Price per person
1. 3 wine samples  10 €
2. 3 wine samples + cheese   12 €
3. 3 wine samples + ham, cheese, bread 18 €
4. 5 wine samples + cheese 18 €
5. 5 wine samples + ham, cheese, bread 20 €
6. cellar tour  5 €
  VAT included


Price per person
1. 3 wine samples 7 €
2. 3 wine samples + cheese 10 €
3. 3 wine samples + ham, cheese, bread 13 €
4. 5 wine samples + cheese 13 €
5. 5 wine samples + ham, cheese, bread 16 €
6. cellar tour 4 €
  VAT included



Visitors are welcomed at the exhibition showcase and are given a brief introduction to the Vipava Valley and the Vipava 1894 wine cellar with its history

The Vipava Valley is a picturesque vineyard area, a land of sun and mild climate, where the Alpine and the Mediterranean world meet. The sun-facing terraces are the ideal environment for vine cultivation. This is a place with a strong viticulture tradition that dates far in the past. The history of the Vipava Valley is mainly a history of the grapevine and wine, that reflects also in the rich customs and traditions of the area.

01   razstavna vitrina  ogled vinske kleti


Visitors are lead to the grape reception area and presented with the initial procedures of turning grapes into wine

Grapes are delivered in tractor trailers or trucks to the reception area. The daily capacity is up to 500.000 kg of grapes, or more. The tendency is to buy the same grape variety steadily for several consecutive days.

02   sprejem grozdja


The large barrel

Our giant barrel is the largest barrel still in use in Slovenia, in which Merlot wine is stored. The volume of the barrel is 23.7601L, which means that if we were to drink 1L of wine every day, it would take 63 years to drink it all.

03   veliki sod


Visitors are lead to the central part of the wine cellar

The central part represents 60% of the whole cellar. Here we take a look at various tanks, stainless steel tanks with a volume of up to 100,000L and concrete tanks.

04   centralna klet


Visitors visit the wooden barrels

Over 60 wooden barrels made of Slavonic oak and with a capacity of 1,000 to 5.500L are kept here. Here the best wines are maturing naturally. We explain the process of maturing wines of premium quality, the difference in processing wines of red and white varieties, fermentation and maceration.

05   leseni sodi  sod


Tasting of selected wines and a visit to the Vipavka shop


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