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Pinela Lanthieri

Quick Overview

Dry, wine of quality

White and tropical fruit. Gentle mouthfeel, distinct and lasting.

Variety:100 % Pinela


Vipavska dolina.
Lower slopes and elevated sites of the valley.

Colour:Golden with greenish hues.

Odor:White peach and apricot, with tropical notes, where mango most recognizable.

Taste:A gentle wine. Lighter, fresh and mineral. Tasty and well balanced, lasting for a long time. Good expression of a white fruit on aftertaste.

Pinela is an autochthonous variety of Vipavska dolina region, cultivated exclusively on the slopes and elated sites. Pinela is sensitive to high humidity and it is willing to grow calm, where reason, why we plant it to the poor soil, marly soil. As our grandfathers did.
Ripens late and gains lower sugar content, we usually pick it in the middle of September. We pick Lanthieri Pinela manually, stems were removed and maceration performed for 10 hours. It was pressed gently, then spontaneous fermentation occurred and malolactic fermentation in stainless steel vats. Wine was maturing on indigenous yeast composite for 6 months.

Wine suitable for:: Gift | Success celebration | Food | Wedding

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