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The Vipavski Hram Restaurant

Vipavski hram is a homely restaurant for all lovers of excellent cuisine and top of the line wine. With traditional Vipava region dishes, prepared in a modern way, and top wine from the cellar, time will stop for a moment... Varied flavours will simply flood your senses and take you to a land of gourmet pleasures.


The Vipavski Hram offers a selection of meat, fish and vegetable specialties, as well as delicious desserts, prepared by experienced and skilled chefs. The waiters will be happy to advise you which top wine will go best with your chosen dish.


The world HRAM means "wine cellar" for the people of the Vipava region, not only used to store wine but also used to taste it. People may spend their time at a hram to socialise, have fun, debate and philosophise. Along with the unforgettable socialising, good food and excellent wine, Vipavski Hram also offers an exceptional adventure - a tour of one of the oldest and largest wine cellars in Slovenia. The wine cellar Vipava 1894 with a degustation of wine. A wine expert will take you through the cellar and you will discover, how wine is made, and perhaps find out other wine related "secrets".

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